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Setup Tips and Resources - Cartman[SRC] - 10-13-2019

Hey Guys 

Here are some Guides and Resources that has assisted me a lot with my car setups in project cars 

The fist two Resources that I use a lot created by Jussi Karjalainen from the Project cars forum.

 1. Suspension Calculator
 2. Differential Calculator

I have also created a simple cheat sheet of a few things to keep in mind when setting up your car please see the attachment below. 

A great resource is Yorkie065 YouTube channel his videos go quite into detail in explaining all the settings in project cars 2.

and another Driver 61

If you have more great tips or guides please feel free to share them here.

Some software that I use while I'm racing and for review after driving and racing.

 1. CrewChief (One of the best spotters out there works with other sim's as well.) - Free
 2. Z1 Analizer (Vary good telemetry app with analytics that shows you where you can gain time) - Paid
 3. pCars Profiler (Telemetry app) - Free

Also a tip on track limits please see the images below these are FIA rules that we adhere to at SRC