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Introduce Yourself - Cartman[SRC] - 10-12-2019

Hey guys 

This is where new members can introduce yourself.

I'll keep it short i love gaming and take sim racing quite seriously 


RE: Introduce Yourself - Cptn_Redbeard[SRC] - 10-13-2019

Hey there everyone,
I'm Captain Redbeard and new to all this and hope to learn from you all.
And then one day hope to be just as good racer as you all

Thank you,

RE: Introduce Yourself - Reapper[SRC] - 10-13-2019

Hello Hello, Reapper[SRC] here.

I maybe old, but ain't so cold.

RE: Introduce Yourself - Karma[SRC] - 10-14-2019

Hey, Karma here...

I am into good, clean racing on the track. (Unless it's a destruction derby ) ;^D
I may not be the fastest on the track, but it's definitely a sure passion of mine for sure.
I didn't get into real-world racing, so I did the next best thing... Sim racing...
If it has an engine, it's got my attention...

I hope to see everyone on the track soon.

RE: Introduce Yourself - Royalt[SRC] - 10-15-2019

A Wild Royalt has entered the server....

I am into fun, fair and closing racing both on the track and in game Smile
Unless it is Wreckfest, then it's no regrets...
Unfortunately as i have experienced real world racing (both on the track and officiating) I know just how much effort it takes and my pockets are not so deep....

I may not be the fastest but i always enjoy racing against anyone and everyone so that i may become better than what i was...
As serious as i want to win, I'm just out to have fun Smile

RE: Introduce Yourself - laserbeak43[SRC] - 01-05-2020

Laserbeak43 - State-side racer.