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Rules and Driving Standards

Race Regulations and Driving Standards

Our Driving Standards are designed to promote clean and fair racing in Sim Race Central Our rules also include guidelines for general race behaviour.

1.    Racing Regulation
1.1 Standards
1.2 Overtaking
1.3 Defending
1.4 Lapping


2.    Track Regulations
2.1 Track Re-joins
2.2 Headlights
2.3 Reset Button
2.4 Track Limits
2.5 Pit Lane


3.    General Etiquettes
3.1 Chatter
3.2 Pre-Race
3.3 Qualifying
3.4 Race


4.    Starting Procedures
4.1 Standing Start
4.2 Rolling Start
4.3 Additional Notes
4.4 Reverse Grid Rolling Start (Only Project CARS 2)


1. Racing Regulations

1.1 Standards

1.1.1 - Respect your fellow drivers. Keep a friendly atmosphere in the race lobby and treat all other drivers as equals.

1.1.2 - You should, always, try to avoid any intentional contact during our events. We understand that a degree of contact is inevitable but, this must always be kept to a minimum, even if you must compromise your race to do so.

1.1.3 - If you accidentally knock/push/shunt another car off the track, you must slow down and wait for them to re-join the race and take back their position. Every driver is to be shown the same level of respect. This rule can only be overruled by the affected driver telling you over voice chat to keep going.

NB: The above rule still applies even if lag (connection issues) is the cause of the incident, when it is obvious that your car's lag is the cause of another driver going off, as this would still be classed as an unfair overtake. Please be more careful around other drivers if you are regularly involved in lag-related incidents.


1.2 Overtaking

1.2.1 - As the chasing car, it is your responsibility to avoid contact with the car in front. The following types of manoeuvres are prohibited:

Bump drafting in general

Forcing a driver to exceed the track limits by leaving it too little race room general rule of thumb minimum one car width.

Dive bombing into corners

1.2.2 - Although not essential when overtaking, we encourage you to make your opponent’s aware of your position via Discord.


1.3 Defending

If another car is alongside you are going into a corner, you must adjust your line to avoid contact. For the avoidance of doubt, if any part of the car attempting to pass is alongside the rear wheel of the car in front, this will be deemed to be "alongside". The following types of manoeuvres are prohibited:

More than one change of direction to defend a position

Forcing a driver to exceed the track limits by leaving it too little race room general rule of thumb minimum one car width.

Any other abnormal change of direction

NB: Do not leave it too late to defend a move. Make your move clearly and fairly. If you move too late and the car behind has no time to react, it is not them who will be blamed.


1.4 Lapping

1.4.1 - Same-Class Lapping - When a lapping car approaches you, it is your responsibility to allow the faster driver to pass at the earliest possible safe location, e.g. lifting on a straight or yielding the apex in the next braking zone. It is also helpful to alert the lapping driver over Discord, e.g. “Pass me on the left.”

1.4.2 - Multi-Class Lapping - If you are going to be lapped, you should hold your racing line and leave the other driver responsible for making a safe pass. By sticking to the racing line, your movements are more predictable. It is also helpful to lift off the throttle or open a braking zone, to allow the lapping car to pass sooner. If you are aware of the lapping car early enough, you may move off the racing line, provided it is safe to do so. As with same-class lapping, Discord communication is recommended.

1.4.3 - The lapping car may flash their headlights or give a notification in Discord to alert the lapped car of their intentions. You must act upon this as soon as it is safe to do so.

1.4.4 - If you are going faster than a car that has lapped you, do not attempt to un-lap yourself without permission from the driver in front - eg by request on Discord.

1.4.5 - We would advise all drivers to enable the relative box on the Hud, to give a clear picture of the race happening immediately around you. This will inform you how to approach overtaking situations - whether to fight, yield, or be patient. Real-time gaps of cars in front and behind of you on the track are shown, along with their class and race positions.


2. Track Regulations

2.1 Track Re-joins

2.1.1 - Should a car leave the track for any reason the driver may re-join but only when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage.

2.1.2 - If you do go wider than expected and leave the track, you must allow any following cars to pass before re-joining. You may not block a car by returning to the track prematurely unless they have clearly indicated that you have the room to do so (eg. moving clearly out of your way).

2.1.3 - If you overtake another driver with all four wheels off track, or because of cutting a corner, you must slow down and give the position back.


2.2 Headlights

2.2.1 - For races that take place at night time, fog or rain conditions, all drivers are required to have their headlights on to make your car visible to others.

2.2.2 - Headlight flashing is reserved for lapping manoeuvres only, you must not use them as a distraction technique. However, in dangerous situations, such as a particularly slow car in front that happens to be on the same lap, you may flash your lights in moderation to alert the driver ahead.

2.2.3 - Please also make sure you have a button assigned to turn the headlights on and remember to switch them back on, if needed, when leaving the pits.

2.2.4 - If your headlights are no longer functioning, because of an accident, and the prevailing conditions require the use of them (eg. night, fog, rain), you must pit for repairs immediately.


2.3 Reset Button

You may only use the reset button as a last resort. You must not use it when cars are in, or approaching, your area. Please wait until the track is clear and that your car will not respawn in the path of any opponents. To reduce the chances of the reset button being required, we recommend that you map a button for the ‘Start Engine’ function, especially if you have manual clutch enabled. (Only Project CARS 2)


2.4 Track Limits

2.4.1 - Members of Race Central are expected to keep at least two wheels, of one side of their car, within the track limits always. For all our events the track limits are defined by the white line bordering the track and do not include any curbing which lies outside of this line. Please see the image below for a clear example of what is and is not considered acceptable with regards to track limits:


2.4.2 - If you make a mistake and you gain time or position(s) from doing so, we ask that you lift off the throttle, as soon as it is safe to do so, to give back any positions or time that you have gained.


2.5 Pit Lane

2.5.1 - Do not cross pit entry/exit blend line when entering & exiting the pits, this is for other competitors' and your own safety. Alerting other drivers, you are entering & exiting the pits on TS is also strongly advised.

2.5.2 - Manual pits are enabled in all SRC races and you must observe the pit-lane speed limit (37mph / 60kph). The speed limit start/end are clearly marked with white posts, painted with the pit-lane speed limits. Only Project CARS 2

2.5.3 - During practice and qualifying sessions, do not click 'Drive' and sit in your garage. This will prevent other cars from leaving the pit lane. Only Project CARS 2


3. General Etiquette

3.1 Chatter

During qualifying and race, communication should be kept to an absolute minimum. For example, a warning that you are alongside someone or are leaving the pits is perfectly acceptable. For more detailed information, please see the Discord Conduct page on our forum.


3.2 Pre-Race

3.2.1 - All drivers who are on the entry list must attend the driver briefing. Those not present will forfeit their place to any reserve drivers present. Therefore, any drivers who are running late (but still able to take part) must inform the staff in the event thread or otherwise, to have their spot reserved (when reasonable).

3.2.2 - The driver briefing will start, where we will run through the event format, laps, weather, pit requirements and gentlemen's agreements (if applicable). Please listen to this briefing as, although it might seem boring if you have been to many events before.

3.2.3 - When you join the server, you will be placed in the lobby. You can make your car and livery selection, but do not 'Vote to Start' until instructed to do so. Only Project CARS 2


3.3 Qualifying

3.3.1 - In qualifying, it is your responsibility to find free space on the track when starting a hot lap. A car on a hot lap does not have to yield for a faster car approaching from behind. Faster cars are, however, allowed to overtake slower cars provided it is safe to do so - it is advisable to alert them over Discord.

3.3.2 - If you are on a hot lap, please switch your headlights on (and remember to switch them off as soon as you have finished/abandoned your lap). This will notify drivers of your intentions both in front of and behind you.

3.3.3 - If you are on an in-lap or out-lap you must let faster cars pass you without blocking them or otherwise hindering their lap, e.g. by moving off the racing lane.


3.4 Race

3.4.1 - When on the race countdown screen, once race setups and strategies are selected, drivers need to be ready in a timely manner. If a driver has not selected the 'ready' button after 2 minutes, they are moved to the garage.

3.4.2 - We ask that you leave discussions of racing incidents until the race has concluded and all drivers have crossed the finish line. Discussing incidents mid-race is very distracting for other drivers. Please leave discussions until after the race and/or report the incident to the Stewards.

3.4.3 - Disconnecting is not permitted, unless you have a genuine real-life emergency or that you are a danger to other drivers on track due to connection issues. In all instances, you should retire to the pits and stay in the race lobby until the conclusion of the race.

4. Starting Procedures

4.1 Standing Start

Drivers are to use the in-game starting lights and are to accelerate on the green light. It is advisable to keep your foot on the brake, especially for tracks with the S/F straight on a slope


4.2 Rolling Start

Our rolling start system utilises a completely manual procedure, featuring a parade lap:

4.2.1 - When the lights go green, the lead car moves off, and the rest of the field follows in single file formation.

4.2.2 - At a pre-determined point on the track (usually in the final sector) the race directors will instruct all drivers to make note of their position and to form up in double file formation. No chat is permitted from this point until after the race has got underway. The speed of the formation will be also instructed by the race directors.

4.2.3 - The side of the track that pole position will form up on will depend on the track. The rest of the field must form up accordingly. This will always be worked so that the pole sitter has the racing line into the first turn.

4.2.4 - Once the leader crosses the start/finish line (or other pre-agreed landmark at a limited number of tracks) he must announce "Green Green Green" clearly over Discord.

4.2.5 - When "Green Green Green" is called by the leader all drivers may accelerate and also are allowed to overtake as the race officially begins.


4.3 Additional Notes to Rolling Start

4.3.1 - The pace of the lead car will be dictated by the race directors before the start of the race. All the other cars must follow and maintain a sensible gap between each other.

4.3.2 - During the formation lap you can steer left/right to warm up your tires and perform brake checks or overall warm up your brakes.

4.3.3 - If a car stalls on the grid in the beginning of the parade lap the car behind must give them a chance to get started. Leaving the grid is a slow process and a small delay is easily caught up in the first few corners.

4.3.4 - If you spin during the warm-up procedure you must wait off the track until the whole field has come through and re-join at the back. You must not re-take your position in the pack.

4.3.5 - It is important that you take note of your position when instructed to and not assume that it hasn’t changed from the start of the race. If a car has spun, disconnected or had to retire the positions will change and the 2x2 formation must be based on the correct and up-to-date positions.


4.4 Reverse Rolling Start (Only Project CARS 2)

For races which feature a reverse grid (top 10 or otherwise), the rolling start procedure is slightly altered.

4.4.1 - On the green light, all cars leave the grid in single file at crawling speed on the left side of the track. No weaving or brake warming is allowed.

4.4.2 - The race director will then call out the new start order. When your name is called, you pull to the right, overtake the queue, and start forming a new line further up the track (normally a few corners in advance). This new queue will also be at crawling speed, so drivers will need to be careful of their closing speed when joining the back of the line.

4.4.3 - Once the final car has joined the back of the train, the lead car will be instructed to accelerate up to the defined speed, and the formation lap continues as normal.


5. Special Awareness

5.1 - If you spin off whilst the pack is close, re-joining the track immediately is ill-advised. You do not ghost, and you will cause accidents. Staying still is the best option until the other cars have avoided you. It is far easier to avoid a stationary obstacle.

5.2 - If you go off the track, re-join in a manner that is both safe and in no way a danger to other competitors.

5.3 - When you're coming up to lap another car, it is advised to alert that driver through the chat so they are aware that you will soon be lapping them.

5.4 - We strongly recommend using the in-game spotter, or an external app like 
the crew chief.